Book online, pick up your pre-reserved gear in the shop and head off to the pistes! Without any long waiting and, of course, with the equipment of your choice, an enjoyable and unforgettable day on the slopes is guaranteed!

Skis and poles
Here in our shop you can choose from the following categories: All-round carving ski (Silver) - good performance, good value for money Top carving ski (Gold) - for more proficient, experienced skiers Race carving ski (Premium) - for seriously skilled skiers Poles are, of course, included at no extra cost. Available in lengths of 105 cm to 140 cm the carbon poles are very light and offer ease of movement.

Ski boots
One thing is certain - ski boots really need to fit properly! Well-fitting ski boots are an essential part of an enjoyable winter holiday! Here are a few tips on how to try on boots correctly: Socks: Bring those socks with you that you usually wear to go skiing. If you don't have any proper ski socks with you, then ask to borrow socks for trying on the boots or you can buy socks in our shop. Do they fit properly? Is the heel the right shape? Do they feel comfortable when you stand up? Do the boots fit in terms of volume? Do your toes have enough space? As a general rule, your toes should still have some space when you go into a crouch position. Once you've found your ‘dream boots' you can set off and enjoy your first day on the slopes! If, however, the boots do pinch or rub, then simply drop by and get a different pair - at no extra cost, naturally!

Ski helmet
If you've got any brains in your head, then protect them! We have a huge variety of helmets for you to choose from to ensure the perfect fit and, therefore, maximum safety! When it comes to helmets, the same rules apply as with boots - it should fit snugly yet it shouldn't be too tight. Our helmets are safety-tested, ventilated, light as a feather and yet warm. We're sure to find one that fits you perfectly. (Offer valid while supplies last).

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